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Our translation & interpreting division, part of the Fast Track Consultancy Ltd, has acquired considerable reputation in the area since its establishment in 2004. It was set up due to the high demand for translations in the field of Immigration.

Our clients range from students to professionals at all levels. Many have been with us since we started our business and we take pride on the fact that new businesses come direct from client referrals. Since the beginning, our consummate professionalism and ability to provide translations on the right time allow us to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. We are totally committed to delivering excellent language translation services every time.

We also have a network of translators, all well-qualified and reliable, which enables us to offer translations in another language combination other than Portuguese-English.

If you need a reliable and friendly language translation service capable of understanding and responding quickly to your needs then FTC Translations would be delighted to hear from you. We deliver exceptional, accurate and fast linguistic service at great and competitive prices.

For further information, please visit our website or call to speak to one of our qualified and friendly translation advisers.

We look forward to developing a good professional relationship with you.




Whereas translation deals with written text, interpreting deals with the spoken word.

We offer professional quality interpreting services, covering Portuguese-English and other language combinations in the legal field. It is important to bear in mind that a meeting involving a Brazilian Portuguese speaker from Latin America may require a different interpreter from a discussion with nationals from Portugal or any other Portuguese-speakers nations. We will therefore ensure that your interpreter is experienced in the particular accent and subject matter at hand to guarantee that no information is lost in the transfer.

We provide interpreters to help you with both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Whether you require a personal, sentence-by-sentence solution - ideal for small meetings -, or real-time interpreting, face-to-face, our trained and knowledgeable interpreters are capable of conveying the nuances of the dialogue quickly and accurately.

We supply clients with private, public service and legal interpreters who can work either remotely with a telephone or on-site, at the client’s request.

Revising, Editing, Proofreading


Sometimes you may require a previously-translated document to be revised against the original. 

You may have a document to be proofread, or for extra-stringent quality control, you may wish us to translate your document and also have it proofread by an independent party.

Our professional editors and proofreaders are adept at detecting any errors involving figures, misplaced captions or headings, typographical mistakes or misspellings that have been overlooked by spell-check tools, and any other inconsistencies.

They will also check the cohesion and style of the document, and compare each part against the original document to ensure that the translation has been rendered accurately.

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Price List

Translations & Interpreting Price List

Our rates are determined by the content/complexity of the original document, the language combination and the number of words. The tables below give you a general idea of FTC Translations Services, with prices for translations and interpreting.

Our minimum charge is £50.00 (if less than 500 source words) for translations and £40.00 per hour for interpreting.

We aim to quote your translation/interpreting requirements individually, so that we can offer you the best solution at the best price. You can e-mail or contact us with details of the document to be translated and a quote will be provided within 24 hours. Please, note that an extra amount will be added if you need an urgent translation.

E-mail us at

Turnaround /delivery time for translations is 48-72 hours depending on work volume.

We can send the translations back by post or any other method deemed convenient.

Anticipated payment is required. Contact us for your preferred method.



Our first duty is to understand our clients’ needs. Once we have discussed and fully covered all the task requirements, we will provide a tailored solution for your case.

Translation is so much more than words: the original message shall be understood correctly; it has to come out in good quality language and format; the translator must know who will be the end audience; the cost shall combine quality and deadline; and the deadlines shall be met.  All in all, the translation has to be accurate, cost effective and with high quality. 

FTC Translations understands all this, which is why you will be happy and satisfied with our services. They represent exactly what you need. And the more information you can provide us about the origin, use and destination of your document, the better the end product will be.

We handle all the translations with consummate quality and professionalism. Specialising only in legal and certified documents, our translators, all highly experienced, enable us to offer translations in any language combination other than Portuguese-English.

We can guarantee high standard translations, and it is our fundamental policy to only use translators who are qualified in this matter.

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Legal Translation

These are services involving translation of documents relating to Intellectual Property Law, Insurance Law, Banking and Financial Law and Corporate Law.

Certified Translation

A certified translation is a translation that has been formally certified as legitimate for official purposes.

Public Services Interpreting

We also supply professional interpreting services to public sector bodies, including interpreting in less formal situations, such as meetings between small groups, hospital visits or an appointment with your solicitor.



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